Social Competence – How to build your marketing organization

I have been writing a short series on key leadership skills required by Leaders. It’s all about Social Competence – How to build your marketing organization.

These lessons are based on the book Leadership Lessons From Star Trek The Next Generation by Bill Ross and Wess Roberts, Ph.D. This lesson is about the importance of competence and how when it is fostered in your team members, it becomes a ‘force multiplier’.

This is more so in MLM and network marketing, where the quicker you can get each team member to be competent, the more money you and they make.

The mistake so many Sponsors make is to recruit, recruit, and recruit without stopping to ensure each person they have brought into their opportunity is competent.

You’ll notice that when you’ll have to educate them in marketing or rebranding; you may have to take a step back and employ a seasoned professional.

Just because you picked things up quickly does not mean they will do the same. I am not saying you have to personally train them, but you should know enough about them to be able to point them to a personal development resource that will develop their weaknesses.

So what are the Leadership Lessons related to competence?

  • Despite the level of technical knowledge you may have on a subject, it is only through an illustration of that knowledge and the confirmation of experience it becomes wisdom.
  • Leaders need to broaden their knowledge through the knowledge of others. They also need to complete their experience through experience with others.
  • It is impossible to master any skill at once. Only by patiently struggling with it will you eventually master it.
  • One Leader may have the best systems and tools on the market, but if they cannot use them competently, then they are less effective than a Leader with a far worse system.
  • It is possible to become very learned in the actual area you are operating in, but unless you can put that learning to use in your business, it is of no use to the team.
  • Good Leaders do not passively experience things. They learn from each experience, reflect on it and consciously examine it for lessons it may have for them.
  • The greatest power a Leader has is the level to which they know their work. Companies like Amazon understand this very well and have developed initiatives to further educate their workers at the company’s expense.
  • Leaders who can adapt easily to varying situations and demands will be more effective than those who simply imitate.
  • One of the best ways of helping team members become competent is to spot and correct serious errors before they become that person’s habits. Habits are much harder to change.


This is the seventh of an eight-part series discussing Robert Kiyosaki’s new online collaborative work The Conspiracy of The Rich.

This post discusses his new rule of money no. 7 – focus more on selling than buying. He explains the reason so many people are in financial difficulties is that they love to buy and hate to sell.

He says if you wish to become rich then you have to learn to sell more than you buy. By this, he does not mean living below your means, i.e. reducing your outgoings below your income, but actually deciding to become an entrepreneur and sell something.

As long as you remain an employee, you are at the vagaries of decisions made by your employer. Well, there are certain things an entrepreneur MUST do. If you own your own business, then you are your own boss, and you can recruit like-minded entrepreneurs who also have the desire to succeed.

There are two things needed to succeed in business – an absolute belief in yourself which you can get through training, personal development, and a mentor (all of which I have and have paid for to get in other words, I invested in ME Inc.).

The second thing you need is perseverance – as Mike Yarnell says in his bestseller on Network Marketing – Your First Year In Network Marketing. ‘each no you receive brings you closer to the first yes.’ Og Mandino says something very similar in The Greatest Salesman in the World. ‘I will bend the law of averages in my favor knowing that each no I receive will bring me closer to the next sale’.

Bob Proctor, famous for the film The Secret, says this about Network Marketing, it’s the only business someone with no qualifications or experience can join, be mentored, and then earn more than a Heart Surgeon.