Just Blog Baby

For some time now, blogging has been a fantastic way to earn some extra money online for me. We see that numerous full-time bloggers are making thousands of dollars per month from ads on their blog. They just blog baby. The question is, can we also become a bit like them?

Do we at least have a chance to make maybe 10% of their income? Do we also have the courage for getting successful like them? Well, all these questions can have a ‘no’ and ‘yes’ answer, it all depends on ourselves, our commitments, the way we want to see ourselves working in future, our current living situation, and so on.

But what about a part-time internet newbie like I am? Do I also have a chance? The answer is a short yes! But keep in mind that writing a blog is not at all easy, and to find or write compelling content isn’t easy as well. Attracting traffic to your site is also a challenging task, more difficult, and getting an audience to stick to your website and read your blog is probably the worst part.

Apart from blogging, what other options do you have? For me, I have several choices that I implemented and started to generate some income for me. These choices are web directory and article directory. I have a couple of them and I’m pretty happy with the results so far.

I’m not really good at doing sales letters, getting opt-in, eBay, click bank, or creating an e-book and things like that. This requires a steep learning curve, an I’m currently just in the learning process (and online resources really help me to get good at that), but I may be doing this as well later on.

The process of creating a web or article directory doesn’t take so much time, you will be spending a lot more time getting traffic to tour site. The good thing is, it can be managed real easily and I already learned a lot in my middle school years as I engaged in all sorts of school paper editing.

You won’t need so much time for updating your content as the content will be coming to you later. And how do you go around doing this actually? Well, I’ll tell you in my next post.

I spent the last two days doing a bit of promotion on my new web blog, so I think it’s now time again to tell you what I did when I ventured into web marketing for the first time. I’m not so convinced that this topic will get any readers’ attention, but let’s not underestimate the fantastic power of article directory.

Monetary benefit
Before doing anything about it, the monetary benefit should be the first thing coming to our minds. Though article directory is guaranteeing you a lot of web income, if you have the right strategy, it’s surely worth a try. I understand that there are many people who consider my earning not as a decent income, but I never thought I would be earning this much from my internet activities.

This means I made an additional income over the past two months of nearly $340, and I just got started! Just look at the potential. As just additional income, this is quite substantial, isn’t it? And it will surely help me cover the cost of my study, my car loan, and paying for my rent. I bet you I will double my earnings over the next few months, so I’ll be fine with my monthly bills though I shouldn’t get carried away as there are still so many exams to pass… I really need to make the most of that instead of fantasizing too much about my huge financial benefits and gains!

One of the great thing on article directory is that it’s run in a semi-autopilot mode. This doesn’t mean that you don’t need to check it on a daily basis, but that will require not so much time and effort, and it is something totally different than a blog where you need to post at an article a day to get your visitor to stay with your blog. With a blog, you also need to do research on interesting and actual topics and I’ll see how to best get myself motivated for school again. The continuous Education Quest…

The power of knowledge
Apart from the monetary benefits, you will also gain so much knowledge from learning these processes like marketing, editing, and finding appropriate content. When I first started out with internet marketing, I read my article directory pretty often, and it felt like a one-stop center for knowledge on the topics I covered like travel, business, dating, blogging, art, and many more.

Talking about content, not every bit of article directory content is crap or specifically created for promoting products or websites, there really is some quality content that’s worth reading.

Use article directory fully
If you have a popular article directory, this means you have lots of opportunities to become a successful online entrepreneur. You will receive email requests to exchange links, but of course, you’ll get a lot of spam email at the same time, so watch out! If you’re going to use this opportunity well, you also can set your web directory on your article directory.

If you use a web directory, you have the chance to keep track of all link exchanges while, at the same time, your visitors can submit new content or visit websites available there. You can set up your very own blog there with promotions, announcements, or tips for your visitors, and the more you’ll interact with your visitors, the more they’ll be likely to spend their time with you.