Onsego helps students who drop out of high school

Onsego is the publisher of an online GED preparatory course that supports students looking to pass the GED test in a highly effective way.

The GED Testing Service recognizes Onsego as a trusted supplier of GED prep material. There are just twenty publishers of GED prep materials that are on the list of recognized GED® prep lessons suppliers by GED Testing Service.

What is the GED test?

The GED test, comprised of four individual and separately available sub-exams, offers people who dropped out of high school before graduating the opportunity to earn a credential that has the same value as a common high school diploma.

If they pass the four GED exams (covering Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Math), their states will issue a High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma that is all over North America accepted in lieu of a high school credential.

Why do people drop out of high school?

Young people usually drop out of high school because they experience academic challenges that undermine their faith in themselves as learners. They lose confidence and feel hopeless. They start avoiding school and finally drop out when they are in their 11 or 12th year of high school.

There are also students that drop out of high school due to family circumstances or health issues.

While obviously prevention is essential, Onsego feels that helping people to get their High School Equivalency Diploma is equally crucial, too.

So, the Onsego GED prep course focuses on helping people academically and building up their confidence. If students regain their confidence, the motivation to complete the GED exam will definitely grow, and they can get back on track toward a brighter future.

Small steps approach

The Onsego GED prep course uses a small steps approach to teach each and every part of the GED subject matter. Often, GED hopefuls have been out of school for some years, and the students will face some challenges to retain the presented information.

That’s why at Onsego they have cut up the rather complex GED subject matter in small portions. Students will receive the information in small steps so they won’t get overwhelmed and stay motivated to continue learning.

When students sign up for Onsego’s GED prep course, they are free to choose any subject they like, and after each lesson, there’s a small quiz so they can check if they understand that part of the course.

After several lessons about a GED topic, there’s a more extended practice test. That’ll tell them whether they master the material or if they should perhaps study that section a bit longer. But they can choose any lesson in any order they wish; there’s no prescribed plan they must stick to, and that’s a great advantage, wouldn’t you agree?

Motivation and confidence

As said before, lack of confidence is a major reason why students quit high school prematurely, but it is also the reason why so many students don’t complete their GED exams!

That’s why Onsego’s GED prep course includes tools to strengthen their confidence. When students build up their confidence, the motivation to complete the GED exam will definitely grow, and they can get back on track toward a brighter future. You may also want to check out this post if you think about earning some money with blogging, as so many do these days.

Reading comprehension and analytical thinking

Students that want to be successful on the GED exam should develop their reading comprehension and analytical and critical thinking skills, and the Onsego course pays much attention to these aspects.

Reading comprehension is all about a student’s ability to understand the implicit and explicit meaning of texts or pieces of writing. This goes beyond just word recognition or vocabulary knowledge and adds meaning to a written piece. When students understand reading comprehension and analytical thinking aspects, they’ll be better able to turn words into ideas and thoughts.

Reading is among the key ways we all learn new information, and this also applies to students and adult learners, just as it is crucial when people, for example, want to set up a business. Working on reading comprehension skills and developing well-rounded critical and analytical thinking skills will build up a student’s self-confidence and enjoyment of reading.

Bite-size lessons

Onsego’s GED video lessons come in bite-sized portions, so no student will get overwhelmed. There are four separate GED exams that can be taken separately, and there are four Onsego GED courses, one for each of the four sub-exams.

The courses are divided into modules, and every module has lessons followed by a short quiz to see if a student understands what that module is about. At the end of a module, there’s a longer practice test that allows students to check if they have mastered the subject matter covered in that module.

Offering the study material in bite-sized lessons has many advantages, the biggest being that no one will get overwhelmed by the GED study material, that the joy in learning remains, and that the students will not quit the course prematurely.

Calculator course

Many GED students struggle with math. This section prevents most students from earning a GED diploma, so Onsego developed a very useful GED calculator course that enables students to pass the math portion without understanding all math problems!

If students learn how to effectively work with the GED scientific calculator, the Texas Instruments 30 XS, they will be able to earn a GED diploma without deeper knowledge of math. They just need to use the calculator in the right way. Isn’t that amazing?!

The only calculator that’s allowed on the GED exam is the TI 30-XS, and many students that were not able to pass the math portion earlier are very grateful for this course that’s included in Onsego’s Advantage Plan.