Marketing Education and Rebranding

Television networks and advertising-supported cable channels like CNN and ESPN have felt somewhat insulated from competition for their advertising revenue because of the importance of video in communicating brand-oriented advertising. This is what you’ll learn when you study Marketing Education and Rebranding. Today, this sort of activity is key.

Leaving aside the prospect of steadily increasing bandwidth in Internet environments, making video a more feasible format for the Internet is key, and what happens to this advertising revenue when marketers shift an increasing share of their marketing budgets to more targeted marketing formats due to the superior targeting capabilities of the infomediary?

Nor is this impact limited to traditional, advertising-supported media. I may sound like bragging and wise-guy bitchy with my college degree, even though I used these GED resources to get my secondary education degree before I could go to college, but what about retail stores that today heavily depend for their profitability on promotional spending by product vendors trying to reach customers at the time of purchase?

This is where my education helps me to analyze these new developments appropriately. Wiseguy-ish or not, it definitely helps!

Social Competence – How to build your marketing organization

I have been writing a short series on key leadership skills required by Leaders. It’s all about Social Competence – How to build your marketing organization.

These lessons are based on the book, Leadership Lessons From Star Trek The Next Generation, by Bill Ross and Wess Roberts Ph.D. This lesson is about the importance of competence and how when it is fostered in your team members it becomes a ‘force multiplier’.

This is more so in MLM and network marketing where the quicker you can get each team member to be competent the more money you and they make.

The mistake so many Sponsors make is to recruit, recruit, recruit without stopping to ensure each person they have brought into their opportunity is competent.

You’ll notice that when you’ll have to educate them in marketing or rebranding, you may have to take a step back and employ a seasoned professional.

Just because you picked things up quickly does not mean they will do the same. I am not saying you have to personally train them but you should know enough about them to be able to point them to a personal development resource that will develop their weaknesses.

Isn’t it all about Customer Service?

I had the most dynamic customer service experience when purchasing a laptop a few weeks ago. It made the $1000 spent satisfying instead of painful. It also was a great business-building lesson that has everything to do with attraction marketing.

I had every intention of coming home with an HP laptop computer that I had researched and determined would be within my budget and provide the features I needed. What I got was a salesman who guided me in making a better decision, saved me money, and offered more value for the money spent.

Applying these customer service strategies to your network marketing business will make you someone people want to return to again and again as an attractive source of information and support.

  • Build rapport: The first thing he did was get to know us. My husband and I are currently residing in England, but it was obvious by our accent that we were American. He was from Uruguay, so our initial conversation was about our experiences in coming to England.

It was genuine and comfortable. He then shared his background in electronics, and what resulted was a feeling of trust that he knew about computers and had our best interests in mind.